Seven reasons to do gymnastics with us this Spring

Our Spring session is just around the corner and will run for 12 weeks from April 1 – June 22. If you are considering taking classes with us this session, here are a few great reasons why you should do gymnastics with us this Spring!

  1. Our Spring session is not typically as in demand as our Fall and Winter Sessions. If you haven’t done gymnastics with us before, this is a great opportunity to get into classes, meet our amazing team and secure priority registration for our busier Fall and Winter sessions. Ask any of our current members, this priority registration is equivalent to gold 🙂
  2. Our Spring Membership is valid for an entire year. You won’t need to renew your membership until Spring of 2020…yes, we said 2020!! This membership qualifies you for promotions and discounts, including $20 off a Birthday Party and an entry to win a Springfree Trampoline.
  3. There is nothing better than leaving the gym at the end of the night and it still being light out! There is a great vibe and energy with the extra sunshine.
  4. Gymnastics makes you better at all sports and can help you improve your strength, flexibility and agility for your other spring and summer activities. Our non-competitive focus and once per week commitment keeps things active, stress free and fun!
  5. We’ve got a beautiful viewing lounge with tons of seating, big windows where you can see into the gym, wifi, work stations and a children’s play area. The weather is still unpredictable (it’s Calgary after all!) so why not avoid the June snow storms and hang inside with us.
  6. Your favourite KSG coaches are ready for you! We’ve been planning fun new warm up games, exciting new weekly themes for preschool classes and making detailed lesson plans so that our students are continually making progress and being challenged week after week.
  7. You can wear your shorts from the car into the gym! As spring comes into full bloom and the weather heats up, you no longer have to wear winter boots, snow pants and a parka into the gym! Freedom! This makes life easy for kids, easy for parents and easy for our #kshewcrew who clean up at the end of the night. Everybody wins!

We still have available spaces in some of our preschool and beginner programs for Spring and we’d love for you to experience gymnastics with us.

Please reach out if you’d like a tour of our gym or more information on what program might be right for you!

High Five!

Team KSG

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