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Specialty Programs

Our Specialty programs were specifically designed to introduce other gymnastic disciplines, focus the majority of attention on favourite activities around the gym and enhance other athletic passions and pursuits. We hope an option below is the perfect fit for you!

Introduction to Gymnastics, Ages 8-10

Please note that this program is cancelled until further notice. 

Age: 8-10 Years
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-Req: None
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8

We often receive phone calls and emails that go something like this:
“My child is 8 years old and really wants to try gymnastics. Where should they start?” or “Do you have a beginner program for my 9 year old that isn’t with a group of 6 year olds?”

Why yes, yes we do! And it’s called Introduction to Gymnastics, Ages 8-10! This program is specifically designed for those between the ages of 8-10 who want to launch their gymnastics experience.

In this co-ed structured “beginner” gymnastics class, participants will get a good handle on the gymnastics basics and work towards foundational skills introduced in our Levels 1-3 Gym360 program including swings, supports, rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Students will work on all of the apparatus including floor, vault, bars, rings, balance beam, tumble track and trampoline.

Although there is no testing in this program, coaches will assess and provide guidance on what Gym360 or Specialty program will be the best fit for future sessions.

Fun For: All 8-10 year olds who have minimal prior experience, but really want to do gymnastics!

Teen Gym (10+)

Age: 10-16
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-Req: No gymnastic experience required.
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:10

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting off the couch and being active. We believe that the experiences we have in our youth will form our habits for life. Therefore, finding fun fitness options in our teen years is essential to proper development and growth.

In this co-ed class, participants will climb the rope, swing on the rings, bounce on the trampoline, fly into the foam pit, tumble down the tumble track and face a variety of fitness based challenges. While having fun and moving their bodies, teens will develop strength, improve body control, increase flexibility and learn some awesome new skills. This is a great class to experience with friends and a positive place to make new ones!

Fun For: Beginners who have never done gymnastics before or teens who have some experience. All you need to have an enjoyable experience in this class is a desire to do gymnastics in a fun and social environment. This is the best option for those whose focus is not on passing Gym360 levels, but rather on being active and learning some cool new gymnastics skills.

Acro & Tumbling For Dance and Cheer

Age: 6+ Years (Co-ed)
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Beginner – Bridge and Cartwheel mastered
Intermediate/Advanced – Round off mastered. Ready for aerials and back handsprings
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8

Whether you’re a dancer or cheerleader at heart, we understand that tumbling and acrobatics always up the WOW factor in your routines. Let us help you master the basics as we slowly build up to more advanced elements.

In the beginner class, participants will work on tumbling skills including front walkovers, back walkovers, handstands, and round offs. Once those are mastered, participants will move into our experienced program where they will work on more advanced skills such as back handsprings, back tucks, front tucks, whips, aerials, front aerials and even twisting elements. Specific flexibility and strength will also be implemented into each class to encourage faster gains.

Fun for:
Individuals involved in cheerleading and dance that are looking to learn and improve their acrobatic skills in an ultra safe environment.

Trampoline & Tumbling

Age: 7+ (Co-ed)
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-Req: Level 1 Gym360 and cartwheel recommended.
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8


Do you have springs in your legs? This co-ed class is designed for boys and girls who have mastered the fundamentals of beginner tumbling (forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs) and trampoline (shaped jumps, full turns and back drops) and just can’t get enough. This program is made for those who love to get their bounce on!

While the majority of time in class will be spent on the floor, tumble track and trampolines; general strength, cardio and flexibility will be incorporated to help participants achieve balanced overall fitness.

Fun For: Participants who really enjoy bouncing, tumbling and working on acrobatic elements. This class is a great option for those who aren’t too fond of working on the apparatus such as balance beam, bars, rings and pommel horse.

Parkour Gymnastics

Age: Co-Ed, 8+ Years
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Beginner – For anyone!!
Intermediate/Advanced – Mastered Kong, Handstand and Long Swing
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8

Led by a highly qualified and passionate instructor, this exciting class combines aspects of Parkour, Free Running and Gymnastics into one awesome fitness experience.

Learn to overcome obstacles through running, rebounding, jumping and climbing on equipment of varying heights. Practice the fundamental movements of Parkour and Free Running (vaults, precisions, strides, rolls and more) and complete an obstacle course designed by you and your fellow parkourists!

Fun For: Those who want to try something a little less traditional. This is a great option for those who are looking for a safe and soft environment to improve their parkour skills and body awareness.

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