Adult Gymnastics

Adult Gymnastics (16+)

Gymnastics isn’t just for youngsters; it’s for the young at heart. No matter your age, gymnastics offers incredible physical benefits. It’s also a ton of fun. Have you ever tried sneezing with your eyes open? It’s impossible. So is frowning while bouncing on the trampoline!

We offer a wide variety of programs geared specifically towards those who can actually drive themselves to the gym!

Adult Gymnastics (Registered – 16+ years)

Age: 16+
Class Length: 1.5 hours
Pre-Req: All Levels – For anyone!! This class requires no prior gymnastics experience. Just bring an open mind, a desire to learn and a craving for a fun new fitness activity.
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8


The all levels class is designed for those who haven’t done gymnastics since they were 2 years old (or never!), but want to experience the thrill of a new fitness activity. A great opportunity for Moms, Dads and all other adults who’d normally be sitting in the viewing room to show our youth that trying new things is fun and being physically active is an essential ingredient to a balanced life.

The intermediate/advanced class is for those who have a more developed gymnastics foundation and are looking to work on more challenging skills and combinations.

Taught by an experienced and highly certified coach, these classes will begin with a group warm up/stretch, then proceed with basic tumbling skills on the floor and tumble track. Participants will be challenged on an individual basis while they work on elements and conditioning on the Olympic apparatus. Each class will end with a conditioning/strengthening circuit with tons of variations/modifications to ensure participants leave feeling like they earned a good night’s rest and sore muscles tomorrow.

For anyone and everyone who is looking to begin, rekindle or deepen their relationship with gymnastics, this is the class for you. This is also a great class for those who want more accountability than Open Gym, more personal attention from a coach and to become a part of a close-knit group.

Gymsanity – Cardio and Full Body Blast

Age: 16+
Class Length: 1 Hour
Pre-Req: None


There’s a reason why gymnasts have the best bodies in the biz, and it’s not because of lifting weights while looking in the mirror. It’s because they use their own body weight while performing exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Gymsanity is the ultimate physical and mental challenge. Classes begin with a group warm up around the gym and a quick stretch to limber up. Then it’s time to feel the burn as you work muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Classes end with 10 minutes of panting, pulse checking and laying in the glory of “I feel so awful, but so amazing”! You’ll hate it the entire time, but love the way you feel as you walk out of the door with wobbly legs, jittery hands and a feeling of pride.

This class is not for those hoping and wishing for results, it’s for those who know it takes hard work and are willing to put in the effort. Attitude is much more important than current fitness level – there are many modifications so all levels are welcome and encouraged to join.

Adult Open Gym

Please see our Open Gym Page for more information on Adult Open Gym.

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