Team Member of the Month


Say hello to Megan, our Team Member of the Month.

Megan has been with our team for more than a year and we are so happy she decided to join us! As one of our evening and weekend administrators, she brings a tremendous amount of professionalism and joy to the gym.

Here are five reasons why Megan is Awesome:

1. She learns fast and takes initiative. If something needs to be done, Megan is on it!
2. She takes amazing care of everyone. Megan is a mom to three daughters, one dog, one husband and all of us! If you need great advice or someone who will just listen, Megan is your girl. She also takes great care of the facility and helps to keep it clean and organized.
3. She works hard and takes pride in what she does! There is nothing too big or small – Megan always puts her best foot forward.
4. She is always positive and rolls with the punches. No matter the circumstance, she sees the humour in it.
5. She is friendly and approachable. Talk to her for one minute and you feel like you’ve known her for 100 years. She is so personable and this definitely makes our facility shine brighter.

Thank you Megan! Your positive outlook on life brings so much fun to the gym. We are very thankful to have you as a part of the #kshewcrew

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