Introducing our new continuous monthly gymnastics programs!

We have some exciting news!

Instead of multiple sessions throughout the year, we have transitioned to a new continuous monthly programming model that runs from September – June. Classes and payments will be paused in July/August and will resume in September.

Registration is ongoing and participants can enroll in an available class at anytime. Once registered, participants are free to transfer, level up or age up to the next available class when they are ready.

Once a month has begun and fees have been paid, participants will be committed to that month. All cancellation requests for the upcoming month must be received in writing to before the 15th of the current month.

We feel this change will enhance our customer experience in the following ways:

  1. No more stressful registration periods. Once you are in a class, your spot is secure until you choose to cancel.
  2. No more large lump sum payments. Lower monthly payments will make things more flexible for our KSG families.
  3. You pay for what you get. Class prices will vary depending on the program and class duration. Monthly payments will fluctuate based on the number of classes offered in your program for the upcoming month, considering the day of the week, number of weeks, gym closures and holidays.
  4. Ongoing Gym360 Skill Testing. Once a student masters all of the required skills in their Gym360 level, they are eligible to “level up”. If the next level requires a class transfer, they can move to the next available class or start working on their new level while they wait for a spot to open up. This will allow students to progress at their own pace and we think this will be awesome!
  5. Transfer whenever. If a student would like to try a new class or work with a new coach or if a family schedule changes, students can transfer to a new class with availability at anytime. If the desired new class is full, we’ll add you to the waitlist and current students will receive waitlist priority.
  6. We have to earn your business each month. Because the option exists to cancel for the upcoming month, we are held even more accountable to keeping your experience fresh, fun and full of learning.


We are also restructuring our preschool gymnastics program to a new and improved GymKids Gymnastics experience. All GymKids programs will be age based and as children celebrate a new birthday, they will be eligible for the next step in the program when a open spot becomes available.

The following GymKids Gymnastics programs will be offered:

  1. GymBabies – a parented program for participants who are a minimum of 6 months old until walking.
  2. GymKids One – a parented program for participants who are a minimum of one year old and walking.
  3. GymKids Two – a parented program for participants who are a minimum of two years old. *Please note that GymKids Two will be the right fit for those who are three and still require some parent assistance to have their best experience. 
  4. GymKids Three – an unparented program for participants who are a minimum of three years old and ready for an independent learning environment.
  5. GymKids Four – an unparented program for participants who are a minimum of four years old.
  6. GymKids Five – an unparented program for participants who are a minimum of five years old or who have coach permission to register.

We feel that this GymKids restructuring will allow us to offer a more streamlined preschool gymnastics experience. There will be no formal testing, but students will receive a keepsake sticker for each month they participate. We will have a special “Memories Day” in December, March and June for families to take pictures and videos inside the gym. Each week will also feature a unique fun-filled theme and specific learning focus.

Please take a moment to review our policies, FAQ’s, schedules, pricing and registration information and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

We truly hope these changes make the KSG experience an even better one. We can’t wait to welcome our community back to the gym soon.

High Five!

Team KSG

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