If a program is full or pending and the waitlist has current capacity, a waitlist option will be available. When there is an opening in the program, waitlisted participants will be emailed in priority order based on the day and time they joined the waitlist. All new enrollments must be accepted and processed by calling our office. Individuals will be given 24 hours to accept the open spot before they are removed and the next waitlisted participant is contacted. In all circumstances, waitlist priority will be given to those currently enrolled in programs, then returning participants and finally family members of current participants.

Please only waitlist for a program that you highly desire and that will fit your schedule. Participants can go on a maximum of ONE waitlist at one time. Due to program demand and high waitlist volumes, once an open spot has been offered to a waitlisted participant, they will be removed from the waitlist. Families that decline an open spot are not permitted to retain their original waitlist position – they must request to re-join the waitlist and will be placed in priority order based on the newest request date. We do this in order to move through waitlists at a reasonable pace and successfully fill our programs.

All waitlist requests expire after 12 consecutive months or when a student has exceeded the maximum age limit for a class. Once a waitlist request expires, the participant is removed from the waitlist. This policy helps us to ensure that we are only offering open spots to those who are currently interested in a program. If a waitlist request expires, but the participant is still interested in joining the program, please contact our office. In this circumstance, the participant will be re-added to the waitlist based on the same day and time that the original waitlist request was received.

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