GymKids Programs – Age Up:

Our GymKids preschool programs are all age based. As children celebrate a new birthday, they become eligible for the next step in the program. It is the responsibility of the account holder to notify our office of an upcoming birthday so we can take the necessary steps to ensure the participant is in the appropriate class for future months. Please note that class transfers are based on availability and we can not guarantee that the participant will be placed in the new age appropriate class immediately. If an open spot is not currently available, the student will be placed on a waitlist for their preferred day and time and our office will contact the account holder as soon as an open spot becomes available. Participants currently enrolled in classes will receive waitlist priority. There is continuous movement in our GymKids programs as children age up throughout the various months of the year and we will do our very best to accommodate the needs of each family.

Please note that each GymKids program is designed with a minimum age requirement, but does not have a maximum age requirement. In some circumstances, a lower step class may be more appropriate to meet a student’s current needs (Example: some 3 year olds may be better suited to a parented program and should remain in a GymKids Two class until they show readiness to succeed in an independent environment). We are here to help each family find the best suited class!

We reserve the right to combine GymKids classes if minimum numbers are not met.

Gym360 Programs – Level Up:

Our Gym360 program contains the following class options: Foundations, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Plus. Participant’s progress will be monitored on an ongoing basis and when a participant has mastered all of the required skills in their Gym360 level, their coach will notify our office that the participant is ready to “level up”. We will then contact the account holder to discuss the next steps.

When passing a level, participants will collect a certificate and a Gym360 pin at our front office on the day of their next class. If a participant’s new level requires a class transfer, our office will work together with the family to find an appropriate class fit. If an open spot in the desired day and time is not currently available, the participant will be placed on a waitlist and will be given waitlist priority for the next available spot. In this circumstance, the student may continue on in their current class and begin working on the skill requirements for their new level.

We reserve the right to combine Gym360 classes if minimum numbers are not met.

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