Our GymKids preschool programs are all age based and no testing will be performed. Each GymKids class has a minimum age requirement and as your child ages up and shows readiness, they can move into the next age appropriate class. Throughout the year, participants will be exposed to a variety of fun-filled weekly themes and learning outcomes. These outcomes contain skill, gross motor and character development aspects that are all age and developmentally appropriate. Our goal is to ensure a unique and exciting experience that will engage participants class after class.

At the end of each month, participants will receive a sticker to celebrate their successes. A special ‘Memories Day’ will occur in December and June, where caregivers can take pictures and videos inside the gym during their child’s class.


For our Gym360 levels program, testing is ongoing and athletes will “level up” when all skills in their current level are mastered. We hold a more formal “testing week” every 8-10 weeks to ensure coaches are keeping their records up to date.

Account holders will be contacted by our office when their athlete has passed a level. Please feel free to contact our office anytime with questions about a participant’s progress. Each participant may progress at a different rate and we are here to help them along in their journey and meet them where they are at. Our goal is to ensure they are excited about coming to gymnastics and that they feel success along the way.

Please note that some of our Gym360 classes do contain multiple levels and “leveling up” does not necessarily require a class transfer (Example – Intermediate Gym360 includes levels 4 & 5).

When a participant passes a level, they will receive a certificate and a Gym360 level pin. When notified of a “level up”, please visit the front desk before the next class!


No formal testing is performed for our Specialty and/or Adult programs as class designations are based on the participant’s skill set (Example – All levels, Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced).  The participant’s coach will recommend any class changes.

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