We understand that situations can change and participants may age up, level up or a family’s schedule may adjust. Therefore, participants may transfer to a different class at any time, as long as there is availability. If there is a price difference, we will make the necessary adjustments at the time of the transfer. If your desired class is full, we will add you to the waitlist – please note that currently enrolled participants will receive waitlist priority. Please contact us at info@ksgymnastics.com with any class transfer requests.

We reserve the right to switch a student to a different class due to low enrollment, when the participant has difficulty keeping up with the class, lacks sufficient skills compared to the other students, or would be more successful in a different class. All students must meet the pre-requisite age requirement before attending the class, unless permission is granted by our management team.

We also understand that each of our team members has a diverse and unique teaching style and not every participant and coach combination is the right fit.  We want everyone to love their KSG experience, so please bring any concerns you may have to our immediate attention so we can work together to find an appropriate solution.

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