• All staff must be Respect in Sport Certified and undergo a vulnerable sector Police Criminal Record Background Check before being employed at Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics.
  • All staff receive an Abuse Prevention Orientation on an annual basis and certify that they accept our policies in respect to abuse prevention.
  • Profane and degrading language is prohibited
  • Bullying, abuse of any kind and violence is prohibited
  • Threatening or intentionally inflicting physical injury is prohibited
  • Committing any sexual offence against a minor or engaging in sexual contact with a minor is prohibited
  • Making any kind of sexual advance, making a request for sexual favours, or engaging in other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature is prohibited.
  • Our organization has a zero-tolerance policy for non-related one-adult/one-child interaction including rides to/from practice, in the gym and on the facility premises. Another coach, student or adult must always be present. We adhere to the ‘Canadian Coaching Association’s Rule of Two’ in all circumstances.
  • Staff are forbidden to make personal calls or send texts/emails to minor students. All communication must be handled through the participants caregivers and our office.
  • Staff are forbidden to entertain minor students in their homes, unless it’s a group function approved by management and another adult is present.


If you suspect an incident of possible abuse, please immediately inform proper law enforcement agencies and our management team.

In the event that a suspected incidence of abuse is reported, the staff member in question will be temporarily suspended from duties while an investigation takes place. In all circumstances, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics will inform the proper law enforcement agencies and entrust them to conduct a comprehensive investigation and supply us with the results. If the investigation reveals foul play, the staff member will no longer be permitted to work at our facility and they will be reported to all appropriate agencies included Alberta Gymnastics, Gymnastics Canada and SafeSport. If the investigation is inconclusive, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics has the legal obligation to reinstate said employee to their regular duties.

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