Why Choose Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Calgary

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an activity that offers a wide array of benefits. It contributes to building a strong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual foundation while also developing vital life skills. Ultimately, it leads to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

The International Olympic Committee and the Long Term Athlete Development model in Canada recognize gymnastics as a THE fundamental and foundational sport. Here’s the top reasons why gymnastics is beneficial for all:

You don’t have to take our word for it. Click to download the research here.

Physical Education
Gymnastics creates a solid physical foundation that prepares children (and adults!) to participate in almost any another sport/activity.

Confidence and Self Esteem
Learning new skills, overcoming a challenge, getting stronger and seeing progress builds confidence and self-esteem.

Body Management and Control
Gymnastics develops fundamental body management skills via the movement patterns of Landings, Statics, Locomotions, Rotations, Swings, Springs and Object Manipulations. It also teaches one how to control the body for a safe landing and engrains proper technique for falling.

Courage and Creativity
Through exploration of the bodies’ movement potential, gymnastics improves courage and creativity. Gymnastics safely teaches participants what the edge of their limitations feels like. It also encourages them to add a personal touch to their work.

Goal Setting and Personal Victories
In a non-competitive environment, Gymnastics teaches children (and adults!) to set personal goals based on their own skill level. This, in turn, improves sense of self-worth and self-esteem as they progress at their own pace.

Something For Everyone
Gymnastics can be adapted to all ages and all ability levels. It can also easily transform in order to accommodate individuals with varying degrees of special physical or mental needs.

Gymnastics is FUN! Seriously, who frowns when they jump on a trampoline? No one! Its like sneezing with your eyes open – impossible! The natural desire to climb, swing, hang, tumble and turn upside down are in our human DNA!

Skills for Other Sports
It doesn’t matter if participants do not stick with gymnastics, the skills they learn and fitness they will gain will stay with them throughout life and their other sporting endeavours.

Getting off the couch and being active is always beneficial. Especially in today’s world of sitting and staring at screens for hours each day. Our bodies were meant to move and we must honour this!

Gymnastics offers a great environment to spend time with friends while taking on new challenges together. Its also a positive space where new friendships can be easily formed.

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