High Five for FUN!

We provide an exceptional experience to each and every person we encounter. A warm and welcoming smile from our friendly staff, a clean, professional and organized environment, a comfortable viewing lounge and an experienced and energetic coaching team are just a few of the things we are proud to offer.

Our 11,000+ square foot facility located just off Deerfoot Trail in DouglasGlen has sky-high ceilings, state of the art equipment, professional designer touches and impeccable safety standards. You’ll feel the attention to detail the moment you walk through our doors.

KSG is a space where everyone is welcome. It’s a place where FUN is paramount and learning is celebrated. It’s a place where trying your best is rewarded and challenging yourself is encouraged. Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics is about you. We want you, your friends and your family to be part of something special.

That is why we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced programs for all ages, including teens and adults. We’ve tried our best to build a schedule that accommodates you and your family so that coming to gymnastics is easy, convenient and never a struggle.

We base our success on two important factors:

• You and your child’s desire to come back week after week.
• Your recommendation of us to others.

Our ambition is to provide our customers with an experience they’ll rave about. We want our participants to be exhausted and begging for more.

Who We Serve

On a weekly basis, we see babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, kids, tweens, teens, adults and seniors enter our doors and give their best gymnastic effort. Some want to move their bodies and simply play. Some are interested in a more traditional gymnastic experience by learning skills on the apparatus and increasing their physical abilities. Others are looking to improve performance and quality of life in the ultimate cross-training environment.

We at KSG look forward to working with you to develop the best possible gymnastics experience. Because we love the sport and we hope you will too.

Kyle Shewfelt High Five

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