High Five for FUN!

We aim to provide an exceptional experience to each and every person we encounter. A warm and welcoming smile from our friendly team; a clean, professional and organized environment; a comfortable viewing lounge and an experienced and energetic crew of coaches are just a few of the things we are proud to offer.

Our 11,000+ square foot facility is located just off of Deerfoot Trail in the South East Calgary community of Douglas Glen. Our facility has sky-high ceilings, state of the art Spieth America gymnastics equipment and professional interior designer touches throughout. We hope our customers can feel the KSG difference and attention to detail the moment they walk through our doors.

KSG is a space where everyone is welcome. It’s a place where having FUN and learning are paramount. It’s a place where trying your best is celebrated and challenging yourself is encouraged. Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics is about you. We want you, your friends and your family to feel like you are a part of something special.

That is why we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced programs for all ages. We’ve built a schedule that accommodates families so that coming to gymnastics is easy, convenient and always something to look forward to.

We strive to provide Calgary’s best gymnastics experience and we are always aiming to improve. We truly hope we can be the highlight of your week!

Kyle Shewfelt High Five

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