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Coaching is a highly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to teach cool skills, you also get to make a positive impact in the lives of others. If you are interested in starting your journey as a coach, please give us a call for more info.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for AWESOME, ENERGETIC, ENTHUSIASTIC, PASSIONATE and FUN LOVING COACHES to join our team!!!

If you are looking for a positive environment where you can share your excitement for gymnastics, then we’ve got the PERFECT FIT for you!!

Evening availability is an asset and a passion for recreational gymnastics is essential.

Some perks of working at KSG:
– Our environment is clean, organized and welcoming
– Our staff is a TEAM! We celebrate our staff and treat them with respect and admiration
– Our programs are innovative and non-competitive focused
– Our gym is equipped with brand new and well maintained SA Sport equipment
– Coach creativity and new ideas are encouraged and embraced
– All coaches are welcome to fine tune their own gymnastic skills at Adult Drop In
– Flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules
– Clinics and professional development opportunities
– Incentives for those who go above and beyond

Interested in joining our team? Apply by emailing us at careersat

Team Photo- 2019


Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce you to our superhero team. Not only are they highly qualified and uphold impeccable safety standards, they go above and beyond to ensure your experience is exceptional!

Kyle, Owner and President
Kyle2- 2019

Krystal, Program Director
Krystal- 2019

Jordan, Office Manager
Jordan- 2019

Megan - 2019

Rachel- 2019

Christina, Administrator
Christina- 2019

Team Lead
Andrea- 2019

Alyssa, Coach
and Team Lead
Alyssa- 2019

Jenna, Coach
and Team Lead
Jenna- 2019

Aislyn, Coach
Aislyn- 2019

Alana, Coach
Alanna- 2019

Alex, Coach
Alex- 2019

Alexis, Coach
Alexis- 2019

Alisha, Coach
Alisha- 2019

Aly, Coach
Aly- 2019

Amy, Coach
Amy- 2019

Bianca, Coach
Bianca - 2019

Brook, Coach
Brook- 2019

Brooklyn, Coach
Brooklyn- 2019

Cassidy, Coach
Cassidy- 2019

Emi, Coach
Emi- 2019

Grayson, Coach
Grayson- 2019

Greg, Coach
Greg- 2019

Hailie, Coach
Haillie- 2019

Jaelyn, Coach
Jaelyn- 2019

Jannielle, Coach
Janielle- 2019

Jessica, Coach
Jessica- 2019

Jessy, Coach
Jessy- 2019

Kerry, Coach
Kerry- 2019

Madelyn, Coach
Madelyn - 2019

Marilyn, Coach
Marilyn- 2019

Marina, Coach
Marina - 2019

Mikayla, Coach
Mikayla- 2019

Mo, Coach
Mo- 2019

Nicole, Coach
Nicole- 2019

Savannah, Coach
Savannah- 2019

Tanis, Coach
Tanis- 2019

Victoria, Coach
Victoria - 2019

Noah, Coach
Noah- Optimized