Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics has a place for everyone:

A 2-year old who can’t stop jumping on the bed, a 6-year-old (or 36-year-old!) who wants to have a rockin’ birthday party, a 10-year-old inspired to cartwheel by watching the Olympics on TV, a die-hard hockey player wanting to improve flexibility and agility, a corporate group looking for a fun and active retreat or a 62-year-old grandparent who has always wanted to try a handstand.

We are focused on building a strong physical, mental and emotional Foundation for all.

We aim to instill a life long love for being physically active and are committed to growing the grassroots movement of the sport. We do this through a unique and innovative variety of non-competitive traditional and not-so-traditional programs.

Located in Calgary’s booming South East, our mission is to enrich lives, build community and foster a more active future through the magic of gymnastics.

Founded and proudly owned by 2004 Olympic Gymnastics Champion, Kyle Shewfelt, the concept for KSG was developed in his years traveling with the Canadian National Team. After visiting hundreds of gymnastic clubs around the world, he noticed that while high performance sport is glamorous, participation simply for the love of the sport has the most impact.

At its foundation, gymnastics can be adapted to suit any age or ability level. We believe that participating in gymnastics is a key ingredient for a happy, healthy, active and fulfilling life.

We believe that gymnastics should be a part of everyone’s daily education. Although participating in one session will bring numerous benefits to anyone’s life, we feel that gymnastics is an activity that becomes even more valuable if participated in year round. Getting stronger, maintaining/increasing flexibility, improving agility and challenging oneself are all critical factors in continuous development. The longer you do gymnastics, the more connected you feel to your body and mind!

KSG’s vision is simple: Become Calgary and Canada’s leader in non-competitive gymnastics programming, grow the multidisciplinary cross-training appeal of the sport and have a ton of fun!